Have you decided you don’t have the puff to bike ride anymore, but still are desperate to join in family rides...

Discover the ONE solution that makes hills a breeze and bike rides a pleasure again.

Experience the gift of pedal assist electric bikes - a gift that just keeps on giving!

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5 reasons people with e-bikes don’t look back:

1)    Being unable to exercise is a thing of the past.  The battery under your saddle makes cycling easy on your joints, lungs and heart.

2)    Hills are fun, because, not only are they easy, you can overtake most of the family. We say most, because some of you have semi-pro cyclists in the family, who disappear up a hill without breaking a sweat!

3)    Rides on an electric bike will give you the benefit of getting out and exercising, without taking your breath away or making you feel broken.

4)           Recent research* shows e-bikes are not cheating! You achieve a "vigorous" level of exercise (according to heart rate), without feeling feel out of breath – WOW 

5)       The number one thing that thrills, is the feeling of being twenty years younger.  Nothing beats that. 

*JMIR Vol 3 No 3 (2019): Jul-Sep  www.formative.jmir.org

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What Tree Bikers say about their Bikes:

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‘Fab cycle ride today – Cross Hands to Burry Port & back. The Oxygen bike is fab. We did 33 miles- I would never have gone that far on my old bike. So glad I made the decision to purchase the Oxygen bike. I also continue to love the colour of it too!' 

Helen Griffiths

Bike Model “Oxygen ST MKII” in red

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“It’s been our pleasure to meet you, you’ve made our experience of new bikes, at our ages, special.”

Mr Jones

Model “Oxygen MTB MKII” in anthracite

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“We love the e-bikes we bought from Tree Bikes last year. The after sales support we received was outstanding and it was great to know that by buying from this company we were doing our bit for the environment”


Joan James

Model “Oxygen GO Folding bike” in black

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The ease of riding it is just wonderful.  If I want to I can do more - but I don't have to! I wouldn't be able to do the long rides like this, it's got me back into biking!

Angie Baxter

Bike Model “Oxygen ST MKII” in red

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